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Model 768-760


Research Products


WARNING! 120 volts may cause serious injury from electrical shock. Disconnect power and shut off water supply before servicing.

  1. Front Cover
  2. Base
  3. Evaporative Assembly
  4. Distribution Tray
  5. "V" Notches
  6. Water Panel
  7. Scale Control Insert
  8. Drain Hose
  9. Power Cord

Maintenance Instructions

  1. Note humidistat or Control setting and turn dial to the "OFF" position.
  2. Disconnect electrical power and turn off water supply.
  3. Unlatch humidifier cover assembly (1) from base assembly (2) at the bottom of the cover, lift, and set aside.
  4. Pull out the evaporative assembly (3) by grasping at the top and tipping out.
  5. Remove the black distribution tray (4) from the evaporative assembly (3) by unsnapping the white plastic holding strips from the tabs at the end of the tray. Lightly scrape out any calcium deposits and clean the "V" notches (5) but do not scrape off the granular coating from the bottom. This textured surface helps ensure even water flow for maximum performance.
  6. Slide the Water Panel evaporator (6) out from the white plastic scale control insert (7). Clean the insert frame by twisting and flexing it to loosen the calcium deposits or use a putty knife. Replace Water Panel evaporator annually with a new Water Panel evaporator (Stock No. 35). Slide the Water Panel evaporator back into the scale control insert with the red colored spot up and snap the black distribution tray (4) back into place.
  7. Re-install the evaporative assembly (3) into the base assembly (2). Push the evaporative assembly (3) in at the top between the retaining ribs that hold the assembly in place in a vertical position.
  8. Remove the drain hose (8) from the bottom of the unit. Bend and flex it to loosen the internal calcium deposits. Then flush it with water under pressure and slip it back onto the drain fitting.
  9. Reinstall cover assembly (1) by hooking at the top of the base assembly (2) and latching at the bottom.
  10. Reconnect electrical power (9) and turn on the water supply.
  11. Check system operation: Manual Humidistat: Turn up humidistat to highest setting and make sure the furnace blower is operating. Humidifier will operate if RH is less than 50%. Auto Trac Control System: Check system operation by setting the knob to "Test". With furnace blower operating and furnace calling for heat, humidifier will operate for one minute.
  12. Set humidistat or Control to its original position.



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